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I came home and watched an Episode of Pokemon Black and White and i Noticed that Irise's Emolga did not like Ash's Snivy and i was just wondering why.

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Its a gender-dominance thing. they are both females and both want to be right. its like how males fight over females. since they are the only females of the current group, they want to be the best.

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Thanks For the Answer
FYI I had no idea that snivy was a girl
then again iv only seen like 5 episodes of black and white
yeah crazy right? in the episode where ash caught snivy she used attract on pikachu
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because in one episode snivy tried to prove that it was emolga that ate all the apples the male pokemon had for lunch which caused a fight between the pokemon

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this is a terrible answer.
how is it this is excatly what happened look at the link
but that isnt the reason. snivy could care less about the apples emolga stole. (lol thats what she said)
im not saying thats why snivy dislikes her im saying thats why emolga dislikes snivy
your answer is still incorrect. i didnt vote you.
no its not ninja that is excatlly what got the thing started i mean yea it went on a little b4 this happen but tis is what kicked it off