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Doesn't evolve his pokemon, doesn't catch "good" pokemon, keeps a Pikachu on his team, loses every League he is ever in. To sum it down Ash just sucks at everything
Are you talking about in the anime or real life because I can see people in the anime that might hate him, but who in the real world (who likes pokemon) hates ash?
"Hate" is a strong word, Kero. Therefore, I hate Ash :}

Won't be able to answer this today, probably, but I'd love to.
I don't hate him. My guess why people hate him is because most people are shipping Ash and Misty. Personally, I prefer Ash and Serena. I could give a whole lot of reasons why Serena is better than Misty, but I'll save that for later.
Why do people still think Ash and Misty will be together? Its over now, Ash has Serena now.
That's what I think! Thank you!
in anime he evolve charmander.

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(I know there is already two answers but I will focus more on his flaws as a character, rather than his actions. In many ways these issues with characther is what makes him commit these actions).

Ash is not liked because he have no likeable qualities. He have no personality, no difficulties to overcome or faults you can appreciate. He is nothing more than a avatar for people to project themselves onto. You aren't meant to like him, Ash is someone you want to be. That is the short version.
Here comes the long version:

What is Ash's best quality? What about him makes you like him or want to be him? In basic character building, the worst possible things, his entourage. His partners are funny and interesting (by Pokemon standards) and his Pokemon does all the battles for him. If we were to remove all supporting characters around him he would be completely uninteresting, because he have nothing that distinguishes him. He have no personality on his own and that is the worst sin that any character can commit. If you want another example of this look at Mary Jane from the first Spider Man movies. She's not a character, she's Spider-Man's girlfriend, something for the hero to save, something for the hero to work for, a thing only made to make the hero look good. Ash is only object to center the plot around, nothing else.

Secondly, Ash lacks obstacles and goals. He wants to be a Pokemon master, sure. He wants to catch them all, also sure. But so little focus is out in these and the story progresses at such a glacial speed, you lose interest. That would have been fine, if Ash weren't fine with the slow pace. He never hurries up or actively try to reach his goal, and if the hero isn't interested in his own quest, why should you be interested? Furthermore, there is never anything standing in Ash way. Ok we have Team Rocket and every random bloke with a new Pokemon between Pallet Town and the Indigo Plateau. But Team Rocket isn't a threat, not after the forty second time they tried to catch Pikachu and failed. The Gym Leaders aren't threats, give them a damned PokeBlock or save their precious Ponyta and they'll shower you in badges. A character that faces no difficulty will never have to change or develop, meaning he will eventually become stale and boring.

Thirdly, Ash is too perfect. That may sound very strange, but similarly to how we can't find and good personality trait about him we can't find any bad about him either. You'd think that would make him a better character, but it's really the opposite. If we look at other shows, TV or any other medias the villain is most often the most interesting character. Look at The Joker from Batman, Loki from the Marvel Universe, Fire Prince Zuko from Avatar, heck, look at Team Rocket! Their escapades are far more interesting that whatever Ash has ever done, and their chemistry is spot on. They have very clearly defined characters with personalities, unyielding goals and good and bad within them. Now I'm not saying Ash should be a villain, but even heroes need to have bad qualities to make them interesting and dynamic.
The flaws of the character is what make them interesting, but importantly, it's the flaws that make them human. A human character is relatable, and interesting. You have to put a lot of work behind a "flawless" character and keep it interesting, something Pokemon have failed miserably at.

So what we have is a character with no qualities in his own, goals he doesn't care about and no obstacles hindering him, with no flaws or humanity to keep him interesting. In short, he's a bad character, nothing more.

Sources: My knowledge of basic charcther building, sprung from shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Avatar: The Last Airbender, books like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, movies like Blade Runner and the Marvel cinematic universe, a sprinkle of common sense, youtubers like Yahtzee from The Escapist, but most importantly, the Nostalgia Critic and his reviews who will be the only one who gets a link because I'm a lazy bugger that way.

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Good points. :) Never realized he lacked character. O.o
Sorry there was a teeny typo - I couldn't resist. xD
Good, I need that attitude x:
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that whole thing is so true
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I Can't Be the Very Best!

enter image description here

Ash Ketchum has been the protagonist for the Pokemon Series for quite some time now, over 700 episodes in fact. He has done some of the most illogical things in the anime, like the "Aim for the Horn Thunderbolt!" But there are other reasons as well. He states he wants the be the best, yet his actions are contrary to this simple saying.

  • He doesn't train battle worthy Pokemon. They are usually either in their first or second stage. And he still somehow pull off a victory in the oddest of times.

Pikachu = Latios (Stalemate)


Pikachu < Snivy

What happened?! A region back Pikachu's strength was on par with a Latios, and now he gets pawned by a Snivy? His victories are inconsistent with logic and power. I know, I know, a wandering Zekrom decided to strike a random bolt of lightning that caused Pikachu to lose his Electric usage and that the writers felt that it wouldn't be fair for the Snivy to get slaughtered by Pikachu. All is fair my fellow Pokemon lovers, all is fair.

  • Can't beat a single League.

This one is quite easy to explain, since he doesn't have strong enough Pokemon to win. He usually relies on a single Pokemon to get the job done, one minor will stand out and pull through with one win, but overall he still loses. Don't get me wrong though, he did raise some powerhouses.

  • Somehow, very forgetful.

I'm not talking about just forgetting Pokemon he's seen before, but as a Pokemon Trainer, you should know type advantages and disadvantages by now. Repeatedly using not very effective moves will screw you over in battle.

There are plenty of other reasons too, but I'll just keep it short. So everyone let's just Keep Calm and Love-Hate Ash. Which ever you prefer.

Hopefully I've Helped!

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He could win is he just made a team of Charizard, Sceptile, Snorlax, Heracross, Kingler and Gliscor (his best Pokémon imo).
^True. They were his powerhouses, I didn't know his Kingler was good XD
Serebii says so. Plus, It's Kingler. And Kingler is king.
how d oyou do that pic in startoing
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He doesn't listen to his Pokemon, and he makes the dumbest mistakes.**
Think about it. Remember in Black and White, when he didn't know Snivy was a girl?
He didn't know even by the 4 GYM! That's pretty stupid. He also only picked Palpitoad to go against Elesa when he had to face her. That's pretty dumb. He also has two flying types on his Kalos team. I know some people who just say Ash is just plain annoying because of that voice of his. Probably they hate him because they are hearing the rumors that Ash is going to release his Goodra.(spoilers, duh!) I bet some people hate him for not making his move on any of his girl companions.

Source: I have Netflix and Serebii with my order. I would like some fries with that.
(Watching countless hous of B/W on Netflix, and reading a lot of Serebii)

"Doesn't evolve his Pokemon, doesn't catch good Pokemon, keeps a Pikachu on his team, loses every League he is ever in. To sum it down Ash just sucks at everything" commented 34 minutes ago by Your Worst Nightmare

I can't put it in web italics because I added this on the browser of the 3DS.

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I feel bad for you.
You wasted hours on watching trash...
I like him, In XY atleast 1+ for that tho!
No, it was funny because he is an idiot. Like the Elesa incident.
He knew it was a girl from the start because it had attract when he caught it and snivy used it against him and it work on everyone except pidove.
Dude, it's a show for kids. Do you really think that the creators of the show will let kissing occur right in front of 7 year-olds? Well Ash should do something with Serena in this series. (definitely not kissing lip to lip)
yes they,ve already made it a little gross
lol the latest episode tho, ash falls on serena and he's like "I- I--IRON TAIL PIKACHU"
gross haha lol