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I need it for my hydriegon I am going for a moveset of dark pulse, draco meteor, dragon rush and outrage.

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That is a terrible moveset, why do you have 3 dragon type moves?

TM 79 Dark Pulse is only available in Gen 4/IV, these games are D/P/P/HG/SS, So you can't get it on your hydreigon by TM or level up.

The only way to get Dark Pulse to hydreigon is by breeding, The closest you'll get is crunch which all three evolutions learn through level up.

Also, it's really not that hard to find out that you'll have to breed to get dark pulse on hydreigon.


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it is only a tm in generation 4. to get it onto a hydriegon in generation 5(black/white) you would have to breed it onto the pokemon.

here's the egg move breeding chain page for hydriegon, go down to dark pulse and look at what you'd need to bring forward from gen 4 with the move taught to it.

Hydreigon egg move compatibilities

and if you aren't sure how breeding works, males pass on moves, females determine what the baby becomes.

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