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All right so I have a Krookodile on Pokemon Online holding a Focus Sash with the ability Anger point, And a Critical Hit landed on it!
This was pretty Cool, Anyway it said the following:

Start of turn 18
Smells good used Earthquake!
The foe's Beartic lost 21% of its health! (He had a reflect up)

The foe's Beartic used Icicle Crash!
It's super effective!
A critical hit!
smells good lost 331 HP! (99% of its health)
Smells good hung on using its Focus Sash!
Smells good is extremely pissed off!
Smells good's Attack sharply rose!

In the actual games, Does it say that the pokemon is "extremely pissed off!"? Because i thought this was pretty funny.

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LOL you got this from me!!!

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No, it would just say
Smells good maxed its Attack!
It would be funny if it said that though....

That's too bad, At least we got it on Pokemon Online.
lols :)