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The code for the Halloween Banette is "NPCHARACTER".

Enter this code under the Promotions section; enjoy!

this is where? On what game?
Look at the date ._. This is also considered necroposting, please always check when a question has been asked unless it is a moveset questio .
There is no problem with necroposting here on this site as far as l'm aware, l've seen it people comment on years old stuff often (unless Pokemaster implemented a newrule about it; haven't been active)
lf you haven't figured it out yet, the game this was for was for Dream World, Pokemon Global Link for Pokemon Black. lt's been shut down for a long time already though.
Also sorry for further bumping this if this is against the rules now.
Necroposting's been brought up several times in the past while, people are starting to get edgy about it. No new rules, per se.