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I got it at the dream world on black. one day i wanted to put it in my party but i couldent find it anywhare . what happaned and how can i get it back?

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Did you ever go to Entree forest and actually catch the pokemon. If not its still there and you need to go catch it.

I did catch it at Entree forest
well then you must have just accidentally released it
A few more factors still apply before it becomes "missing":
1. You overlooked your box. Check all your boxes in your PC thoroughly, you never know what you might find!
2. You may of caught it in the Entree Forest, but accidentally may not of saved?
3. You may of sent it to the Dream World and forgotten about it.
I was borrowing his game during the incident, and before I returned it, I looked in EVERY box, even the battle box. Couldn't find it. My problem in the first place, and I don't use DW. And it was there when I first borrowed it, Didn't release it. Couldn't send it there. It's definitely missing.