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I thought I heard possible rumors of them remaking the Gen 3 games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) but it been a long time since I read or heard anything about it. Would there be any benefit of doing it? If anyone still has an original DS, the can transfer the Pokemon from Gen 3 games to Gen 5 even though it would be a slight pain since you have to go through a Gen 4 game first. The other thing is how many of the Gen 3 Pokemon have shown up in the later versions.

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Wait a couple more weeks if you want to be sure
No one is able to answer questions like this, it's pure speculation.
Your getting me bumbed out
theyre probably just hinting it

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There is no real evidence saying that there will be remakes, but there is Evidence that new Pokemon games are coming out this upcoming Spring. What is not known is if it is a Spinoff game or one of the Main Games. Not much is known, but the information of the new Game will be released soon. I got my information Here

" According to various reports, notably from David Gibson who attended it, during Nintendo's Financial Results Briefing today, a new Pokémon game was listed for release in Japan this Spring. No details were revealed about this game, as to whether it's a spin-off game or a main series gamebut we'll bring details about this game, including confirmation as it's not listed in the details on the official site, as soon as possible"

-From Serebii

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