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Excluding the Pokemon's nature: what single Pokemon has the best Defense and Sp.Def?

I do not need to separate Pokemon, one for each stat, but a Pokemon with both good Sp.Def and good Defense all round as I intend to make a team of Pokemon structured with two Sp.Def/Defenders both with different weaknesses.

The Pokemon needs to be able to learn a healing move such as: Recover/Roost/Something alike and needs to have no more than 2 weaknesses. I have been searching for a while but can't find what I'm looking for.

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That's some detailed criteria you have there! You can see defense and special defense in this pokedex: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all
Just click the headings to sort the columns.

Shuckle has the highest defense and sp def in the games by a HUGE margin. On the other hand its attack is abysmal. It is only weak to water, rock and steel.

Registeel is another good bet. It's weak to fire, fighting and ground, but nearly everything else is not very effective.

Umbreon and Dusknoir both have good defense and are only weak to 2 types. Umbreon learns Moonlight at level 71.

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Espeon is the same as Umbreon and learns morning sun.

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shuckle has the best by a ton. Agrron isn't bad, and neither is dusclops. Steelix is good too.Espeon and Umbreon are both OK. Personally, I don't like either of those.

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I would think Agron. It took me a whole 30 minutes to knock one out using Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Focus Punch and Shadow Ball!!

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Shuckel has the best