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I was fighting a guy in Black City with lvl. 58 Mandibuzz. The opponent had a lvl. 40 Luxray, It used Bite on me, and I took NO DAMAGE. Why? This is seriously NOT a lie I saw it with my own eyes.

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Are you sure Mandibuzz did not just take 1 or 2 damage? He has very high defense and is resistant to bite.
wow... what did the screen say? no effect? not very effective? what?
not very effective
BTW SF, Mandibuzz is always a she.

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It probably took damage you just didn't notice because the madibuzz probably had a lot of health and it looked like it didn't take any damage because the one hp drop just took off the speck of the bar.Now if you were looking at the numbers and it didn't go down then it was a glitch.As long as it doesn't keep happening and your game doesn't mess up there is nothing to worry about.

Yes, Unrecognizable is right. As long as any attack lands on the foe, it does an absolute minimum of 1 damage.
That was definitely a glitch.