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Mine knows:

Cross Chop: High power, good chance for critical hit.

Strength: Good power, high accuracy, STAB.

Rock Tomb: Lowers foe's Speed.

Aerial Ace: Decent power, doesn't miss, used to deal with fighting types.

Ursaring learnset

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Ursaring (M) @ Flame Orb
Trait: Guts
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
- Facade
- Hammer Arm
- Crunch
- Ice Punch
the facade thing is genius, but you might want to give him earthquake instead of hammer arm, and aerial ace for fighting coverage
Play rough is an other option for fighting coverage
This was posted in 2010...
all i can say is call it "Freddy Fazbear"

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Yes thats a pretty good moveset But WHERE THE HECK IS EARTHQUAKE!! REPLACE ROCK TOMB WITH IT IMMEDIATLY, I ORDER YOU! Stone edge is a good move too, if Areal ace isnt working very well.

I really am glad I have people to trade me their Earthquake TMs.
Aerial Ace does work quite well actually. It might be one of my favorite moves.
Too bad I ran out, but I guess I can send the 1 I have left in emerald. Im not going to use it.
Too bad you don't have Wi-Fi. I could trade you a carrier Pokemon (low level Pokemon that you can catch at the start of the game, used when trading Pokemon for starting over or giving items.) I could get you a Sentret with Earthquake attached.
Yeah, and unfortunatley im probably never going to get it.
That is a really good moveset, but why not replace strength with return? It has more base power(if at full happiness) and the same accuracy.
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Wow dude, this is a great moveset! The only thing I'd change is to switch Rock Tomb with Stone Edge or swords Dance.

Other than that, you know Ursaring's fighting style, you've got STAB, coverage against your weakness, along with other types, and you've got strong attacks to boot.

Great job!

EDIT: Oops, sorry Swampert. :}

I still want people to answer even after I have chosen the best answer. I can change my mind if I see an even better moveset.
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Ursaring (M) @ Toxic Orb

Role: Status Sweeper

Trait: Quick Feet

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Protect
  • Facade
  • ThunderPunch
  • Ice Punch

My Favorite Pokemon!

Quick Feet allows you to actually outspeed things, Yay for that!
Protect lets you make sure you get that boost in there safely, and then Facade gets beastly STAB while T-Punch and I-Punch get that ever so coveted Bolt Beamer Coverage.

Good movepool, sucks that Flame Orb wouldn't work for it because it still gets its attack halved with Quick Feet :(
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Here we go....

Item-Flame Orb
EVS- 252 Attack 252 HP
Facade-Huge STAB
Shadow Claw/Night Slash-to hit Ghost types
Brick Break/Close Combat-coverage
Earthquake-more Coverage

Haha, that's basically the set I was about to post...
Why not crunch instead of night slash?
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Gen V

Ursaring (M) @ Flame Orb

Trait: Guts

EVs: 128 HP / 252 Atk / 64 Def / 64 SDef

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Facade
  • Close Combat
  • Stone Edge
  • Seed Bomb
oh it can learn seed bomb
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adament & loves to eat/often dozes off

Thrash/ Facade
Hammer Arm
Bulk Up


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the best moveset for ursaring would be:

Ability: Quick feet

held item: toxic orb (not flame orb!!!!! I don't know what all these other people are going on about saying to have him hold a flame orb, because that halves his attack!)

Swords dance: Obviously to boost his already high attack and make him a machine!!
Facade: best move this guy can learn! with stab boost plus the boost he gets from the status problem it makes the power effectively 210! with 100% accuracy! NOT BAD! plus with a boost from swords dance it can own nearly anything in a single move! :)
earthquake: well, it is just simply a boss move! great coverage too.
and to finish it off the last slot is filled with stone edge: basically for the same reason as earthquake.

oh, and i forgot to mention nature and ev's.
obviously you would go for an adament nature to max that attack and drop the unnecessary sp.atk.

i would suggest to max out the attack stat placing the max 252 ev's there, and chucking the rest in either hp or evenly in the defences, or you could choose to max one, but leaving around 40 evs for speed, just so you can get that tiny extra bonus that that with quick feet you can out speed pretty much everything, not just most things.

hope that helped! :D

guts ability negates the attack drop, that's why
gruts negates attack drop, my quick feet uses it because toxic orb is deadly poison and would cause Ursaking build to die due to belly drum cutting its hp in half
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i dont have one yet but imma teach it this
ursaring nickname-tim the bear
nature adamant(+atk-sp.atk)
ability-quick feet
item-toxic orb(flame orb cuts atk so yea)
-facade(super STAB with toxic orb)
-crunch(coverage i.e ghost psychic)
-earthquake(face it one of the best moves in the game)
-areal ace,shadow claw,stone edge,swords dance, any of those would be great I'm not the kinda guy to use stat moves but if you are go for swords dance

Awesome nickname
i would use the guts ability instead, quick feet isn't that useful in most situations.
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Ursaring @ Flame Orb
enter image description here
Ability: Guts
Nature: Adamant (+Att, -SAtt)
EV's: 252 Att/ 252 Spd/ 4 HP
- Facade
- Close Combat
- Play Rough
- Protect/Earthquake/Stone Edge

I was looking at using this Pokemon in X and Y, and decided to add a Gen VI move set for the fun of it. It is basically identical to the Gen V move sets, except it gets access to Play Rough. And, yes, I checked - Play Rough + Close Combat is legal, as Snubbull can get both of them (so can Smeargle now I think of it - it's the beauty of breeding Pokemon in the Field Egg Group).
Aside from that it is exactly the same. Facade is STAB, and is 140 power because of the status. Close Combat and Play Rough are coverage. The last move is personal choice. Protect ensures you get Burned (it feels strange saying that ...), but Earthquake or Stone Edge give him extra coverage, if you prefer.

Don't bother with the smogon-faggs, just make an awesome moveset just like this one; which I will use :3
though I might tamper with the EVs a bit for my liking
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Protect/Swords Dance -Gives him a turn to activate his item and safely ensure guts. Or if you want to be a real gambler, you could run a high risk, high reward Swords Dance.

Facade-Self explanatory

Crunch covers ghost types

Close Combat-Covers rock and steel types, and is a pretty great move in general.

Suggested Ability: Guts
Suggested item: Flame orb

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Ursaring (M) @ Flame Orb
Trait: Guts
EVs: 128 HP / 252 Atk / 64 Def / 64 SDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

Ice punch
Bulk up

One of my all time favourites!!

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Ursaring @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Guts
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpAtk)

  • Facade
  • Hammer Arm
  • Aerial Ace
  • Your Choice

So here's what you do. You need a Smeargle with Belly Drum and Baton Pass, you first use Belly Drum, then Baton Pass out to Ursaring. Ursaring's atk will be maxed, the Toxic Orb will be activated and poisons Ursaring to activate Guts, the attack of Ursaring will now be as high as possible almost.
Now you can use Facade with STAB, Belly Drum and Guts raise, and toxic wich raises Facade's power.
Now you can sweep every Pokemon that excists except those resisted by normal type moves, but we have Hammer Arm as coverage for that, and Aerial Ace for Fighting types even though Facade may sweep those as well.
The fourth move is up to you, but I would suggest Close Combat, Earthquake or Rest or something.

nice set, but would recommend something for the ghosts which resist normal and fighting moves, such as crunch, shadow claw or payback
you forgot close combat d00d D:
And I would recommend investing just a tiny bit on HP, cus Ursaring isn't that bulky so you might wanna baton pass on a substitute or maybe add dual screens or just one
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Gen 6 Ursaring Moveset
(first moveset post of mine)

Ursaring @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
EVs: 128HP / 252Atk / 64 Def / 64 SDef
Adamant Nature (+attack, -S.attack)

  • Facade
  • Play Rough
  • Cross Chop / Hammer Arm
  • Shadow claw / Payback

One of my most favourite normal type Pokemon in the game, I have raised quite a few in my game-plays, however I do believe he's been blessed in gen 6 with new moves.

Facade+Flame Orb+guts works great on Ursaring, as it provides STAB at over 200 base attack (70x2x1.5 = 210), and that's without any recoil or attack drop from Burn Status (Guts cancels out Burn's effect, then doubles your attack regardless).

Play Rough is a nice addition to X and Y, as it has base 90 attack power, and covers dragon, dark and fighting; the latter of which covers his only weakness (in past generations Ursaring only had aerial ace to cover its weakness, which was only base 60 power).

I chose cross chop / hammer arm due to their high base attack stats and fighting type's natural 5-type coverage. neither move is perfectly accurate (80 and 90 respectively), however they can be seriously powerful once the Guts effect activates.

The final move is for covering ghosts which resist his STAB normal moves: Shadow claw has base 70 power, and a high critical-hit ratio along with 100 accuracy, which is a very reliable move. Payback on the other hand is a dark type move, which is resisted by more types than shadow claw, however Payback has 100 base attack power if Ursaring is attacked at any point before he attacks. at a moderate base speed of 55, its up to you which move you pick for coverage, however, if used in unison with hammer arm, I would recommend payback, as the drop in speed ensures you attack last, allowing paybacks attack to double.

EV spread is moderate bulk, so that he can pull off a few moves before his Flame Orb whittles him away, whilst everything else is dumped into attack so he can OHKO practically most opponents.

what I quite like about the Flame Orb tactic is that is prevents your opponents from inflicting any unwanted status conditions of their own, such as sleep or frozen, and so it can effect their tactics too.

Other notable moves include

  • Return ( Max 102 Base attack, useful if not using the Guts ability)
  • Bulk Up (Works well with his naturally high HP stat)
  • Earthquake ( Who doesn't like a good earthquake?)
  • Stone Edge ( Coverage, and high critical-hit ratio)

I don't think I have missed anything out... so let me know what you think of this moveset, and your opinion on how well i've done; sorry if it is a little word-y, but I like to explain things thoroughly :)

Hope I helped

I like your answer MonoTeams! Im gonna use this set, thanks!
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[email protected] Berry
Evs: 252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Nature: Modest (+Atk -SPatk)
-Belly Drum
-Close Combat

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Ability: Guts

EVs: 252atk, 252hp, 4speed

Nature: Adamant

item: Choice band


Thrash/slash: thrash does more damage but forces you to use it for 2-3 turns then confuses you while slash has higher crit ratio.

play rough: coverage against fighting types and 10% chance of lowering foe's attack

shadow claw: bye bye ghost types :)


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Ursa [email protected] Orb
Role: Double battle sweepstakes
Ability: QuickFeet

Fling/mega kick
Earthquake/Ariel Ace

Plusle/Minun w/helping hand and thunder wave(Aerial Ace route)
Any flying/Electric mix or Electric w/Levitate and thunderwave((Earthquake route)

Strat.: set up by using thunderwave to inflict paralysis on enemies prior to baton passing or U-turning for your Ursaking. Belly Drum and facade for days.

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Item : Sitrus Berry
Ability : Guts
Nature : Docile
EV's : 128 Def/128 Sp. Def/252 HP
Ice Punch : For Those Pesky Dragon Types
Aerial Ace : Fighting Type Coverage
Cross Chop : Good For Steel Types
Slash : 105 Power Instead Of 70, High Critical Hit Ratio. (If You Didn't Know, STAB Increases Power By 50% Of It's Normal Damage.)

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enter image description here

Ursaring @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Sp Def
Adamant Nature
- Facade
- Earthquake
- Play Rough/ Crunch
- Swords Dance / Bulk Up

You'll get OHKO's on most pokes. Earthquake takes care of rock/steel types and has great coverage. Play rough is for fighting weakness while crunch takes care of ghost types but has less coverage. Swords dance if you wanna go sweepy while Bulk up is for tankiness.

(If you don't have crunch on the set then you'll be struggling against skarmory and shedninja unfortunately)

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ability: guts
Power up punch
Shadow claw
Aerial ace

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[email protected] Orb
EVs:252 Hp/252 Atk/4 Def
-Facade(140 Base Power Stab With Guts Boost)
-Hammer Arm(Covers Steel And Rock Types And Lowers Speed)
-Payback(Covers Ghost Types And Has 100 Base Power)
-Earthquake/Stone Edge/Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Thunder Punch(Coverage Of Your Choice)

So this is a trick room set and it works brilliantly! Facade is HUGE DAMAGE! Hammer Arm covers everything that resists facade AND makes you slower which is technically faster with trick room in effect! Payback hits ghosts super effective with 100 power because your so slow! The last move is just coverage for what ever your having problems killing, and in doubles you can put a male prankster Meowstic next to it so it has a priority trick room, and helping hand... Facade 70 base power times 2 with burn times 1.5 with guts boost times 1.5 with stab times 1.5 with helping hand! THAT IS A 472.5 BASE POWER MOVE ON A BASE 130 ATTACK STAT POKEMON UNDER TRICK ROOM WITH 55 BASE SPEED!

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