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Once I put my SS into DS, Emerald deleted (again - now with all non-event legendaries and most useful TMs)...Any idea why?

  1. Emerald is in and on
  2. I turned DS off
  3. I put SS in
  4. I turned DS on
  5. I started SS
  6. I didn´t see "Migrate" option, so I turned DS off
  7. I turned DS on
  8. I started Emerald
  9. "save file was deleted...blahblahblah"
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Strange? No.
First time I was playing Diamond with Emerald inserted - BAM! Bye, save file.
Second time now
Start a new game in Emerald, save, insert SS again, and try again. Tell us what happens.
Yup. You´re right. No starting NDS games while GBAs are inserted. I bought Emerald for nothing...thanks. You really helped
What do you mean by really helping?
Now I really know in which part of playing SS/D+E I´m screwed :D :D :D

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You answered your own question.
Your DS seems to be a bit weird...it always works for me.
Do not have a GBA game in your DS when you are going to play your DS games.
You can still play Emerald, just don't have a DS game inserted when you play. But, that means you will not be able to migrate anymore.
Source: DarthDestiny

Smartest being ever after all :D :D :D Well, you helped a lot ;)