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if you had a shuckle without sturdy and 615def and 252hpevs what is the maximum damadge someone can do (pyhsical move) with out it being a 1 hit ko move such as sheer cold
would the oponent have to be something like a fully ev trained atk ho oh with a move such as sacred fire

which pokemon can do it and which moves or is it not possible


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An adamant Rampardos with max attack using a STAB boosted Head Smash while holding a choice band would be a good candidate.
Since Shuckle takes X2 damage from rock type attacks this would be the attack that would do the most damage to a Shuckle

thanks (basicly that makes shuckle nearly impossible to take out in 1 move seen as rampardos is something like nu or uu)
if anyone else is reading this and has an idea or the answer
would you please answer what is the most damadge that can be dealed to it going over its hp limit
i havent calculated the damge but im sure that shuckle might get ohkoed by that attack
yep, and ramphardos being in the bottom tier, could meet shuckle head on anywhere.