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You must challage and beat team galactic in Mt.Coronet(i think thats how it spelt).Then you must travel through the distortion world and beat/catch giritina.

P.S this was already asked look up the questions before asking http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/13642/how-do-you-get-to-sunyshore-city-on-platinum

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I believe it's spelled like this Mount Coronet
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you go to the top of mt cornet the you got to battle team galatic (im sure mars and jupiter) the you go to the distrotion world then you beat Cyrus and then thats how you get toSunnyshore City

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Beat the last gym leader, and go by where you go to get into sunny shore city. Then you'll have to do stuff (I think) and the guy will come get you and you can pass.

PS. I know this takes a while, but I'm pretty sure this is how it goes. HTH! (not hi, hoped this helped!)

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