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for example i may have a slaking with return hammer arm e quake and shadow claw (im not sure it can learn them moves its just a example)

return=normal-supper effective on nothing 0
e quake=ground-supper effective on-poison fire steel rock electric 5
shadow claw=ghost-supper effective on-ghost psychic 2
hammer arm=fight-supper effective on-rock steel dark 3 -2 because ground covers rock and steel so overall the slaking covers 8 types
is there a pokemon which has a movest which covers 14/18 and above types considering they are just 1 type for example tangroth grass (allowed) bulbasaur grass poison not aloud

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For Christmas, I´m going to give you the "," and "." symbols.
I think Slaking can learn all of the moves you used in your examples. Nice Job.
and the "-" symbol, change hooh to ho-oh in your pro so people know what the frick you are talking about.

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Rock Fighting Ice and Ground.
0 No effect (Shedinja)
0 Not Very Effective
158 Normal Effectiveness
505 Super Effective

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so that covers 454 pokemon
Sure does.
Rock, Ground, Fighting, Ice covers more. 504 I think.
505 and edited.
Electric Ice Fighting and Ground is

No Effect
Not Very Effective
Normal Effectiveness
Super Effective
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I found another set.

water,electric,fighting and flying

No Effect 0

Not Very Effective 0

Normal Effectiveness 160

Super Effective 505

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You can use the pokemon mew for instance. Smeargle also works.

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Ghost, Ice, Fighting, Ground

0 No effect

0 Not Very Effective

153 Normal Effectiveness

512 Super Effective