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Snivy's final form is Serperior.

Cons: He is has a shallow movepool, and low offenses

Pros: High Speed, High defenses, and an amazing ability that counteracts his low offenses and shallow movepool. Contrary! it reverses stat changes EI: Serperior uses Leaf-storm and his S.Attack gets boosted by 2 stages as opposed to being lowered by 2 stages.

He is definitely the strongest competitively, if you do not want to use a Sweeper set you can even go Sub-seeder or Wall of another kind, he can even be a Coil tank.


Oshowatt's final form is Samurott.

Cons: rather small movepool, below average speed, below average defenses.

Pros: Good offenses and some strong moves

Samurott may be the weakest the three, he is too slow to sweep effectively without Choice scarf or Trick-room and is not bulky enough to be a tank. He can be useful in the lower tiers however.

Tepig's final fo.....*psst turn around...............


Tepig's final form is Emboar.

Cons: Low defenses, Low speed, and being ugly

Pros: Pretty good movepool, High Attack, good Special attack, and High HP.

He can be great with T-room, and good with Choice-scarf, but unfortunately his defenses are too low to be a tank.

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Please note: Serperior's Dream World ability is unreleased, and if you want to use Serperior in a Wifi tier or in-game, you'll have to use Overgrow, for now.
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Snivy when fully evolved is Very quick and all round average stats and can learn decent moves not the best for Ingame better competative Tepig is my fav for Ingame seen as its Atk and spatk are so high but it is a reckless and has terrible def and spdef and speed It lerns high powered moves but isn't the best to use competativly.
Oshowott is a good one to have seen as it stats are all around average and is a good hm slave for dive and surf

I have used all three and oshawott proved To me the best hopes this helped

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I compared all the starters stats and saw who is better in there stat

serperior stats: hp;75 atk;75 def;95 S.A;75 S.D;95 spe;113
Emboar stats : hp;110 atk;123 def;65 S.a;100 S.D;65 spe;65
Samurott stats: hp;95 atk;100 def;85 S.A;108 S.D;70 spe;70

serperior con:serperior stats don't help each other at all its low hp stat of 75 does not help it's def and sp.def of 95 and its atk and sp.atk does not help its high speed of 113
Even its movepool is bad and has alot of weaknesses
pros; its abilty overgrow does help it atk alot

Emboar con;Emboar is just like serparior stats do not help wach other its speed of 65 does not help it high atk and good sp.atk and its its good def and sp.de does not help its high hp of 123
pros;Emboar does have a good move pool and is the only unova stater to have a sub type

samurott con;it needs tm and hm for its move set because its only type of moves it can learn is a watter,fighting and bug.
con; this pokemon is very balanced which is very good,one of the best movepool a starter can have, and to counter its con in pokemon black and white you can use tm UNLIMITED TIMES

Samurott is the best of all of them it is only problem is its speed but is a tank

serperior is the WORST from all of the pokemon starters of all time its stats does not help each other, bad movepool ,and alot of weaknesses

emboar; is just like serperior but it has a good movepool

Emboar ;2ND

honesly, i think emboar is the best.
why i think that is because onetime i took down both serperior and samurott with my moves:blast burn,heat crash, flare blitz, and arm thrust.
so in my opinion, even though its speed and defenses suck, if you can stratigize and hit hard, emboar is the winner.
No way! Serpereor rules!!! (-;