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my Haxorus is:
lvl 100
lonely nature
quick tempered

holding Yache Berry
ability mold breaker

attack 430
defense 225
sp. attack 211
sp. defense 236
speed 271

Brick Break
Dragon Dance

Well nearly has offensive as possible give it life orb that gives it like a extra 130atk
I'm not sure you ask these questions here maybe on battle subway
No you do not ask rate my Pokemon on the BS.
What so you can do rate my movest questions on pb :)
I have done similar questions before(Though preferably the questions like these should have the EVs).

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Good. I would say 6/10. You have only 2 points below max attack stat for Haxorus but your nature is bad Lonely lowers Defense which is very bad for a Dragon dancer, if you wanted an Attack boosting nature go with Adamant but I would say that Jolly is a better nature as it boosts speed. Also you should not use Outrage and Dragon-dance, go with Dragon claw instead of Outrage. Another idea would be to: Go with Adamant Nature, Give him a Choice Scarf, and give him the set: Outrage, Earthquake, X-Scissor, and Brick-break this set will do massive damage.

hey thanks!
i've played pokemon for years, but im new to the competitive battling world.
should i maybe go with swords dance instead of dragon dance? or does the speed boost dragon dance provides make up for taking longer to set up than swords dance??
skelpoison, please use the comment button when responding to someone.
No, keep the DD unless you have like 23 or more Speed IVs or 14 or more + a increased speed nature.
Like Jolly or Naive for example.
sounds good. thanks!