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- Has access to a priority move
- Has less than 5 weaknesses
- Resistant to Fighting
- Has good SAtk or Atk
- Has access to a 100+ base power move including STAB
- Has a recovery move
- Not a Steel Type
- Has access to a high power Fire move


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Nidoking has Sucker-punch, 4 weaknesses, Fighting resistance, Good offenses, his Sheer force ability makes many moves over 100 base power, No recovery save Rest though, Poison-Ground not Steel, Flamethrower, Fire-blast, and Fire-punch.

Note: Nidoqueen is pretty much the same but more defensive.

Dragonite has Aqua-jet and Extreme-speed, only 3 Weaknesses, Fighting resistance, Great offenses, Plenty of powerful moves, Roost, Dragon-Flying, Flamethrower, Fire-blast, Fire-punch.

Has Quick-attack, 4 weaknesses, 4x fighting resistance, Good Attack and boost able S.Attack, Acrobatics, Roost, Poison-Flying, but no Fire type move(Aside from hidden power).

Mew, yes its Mew Me-first, Sucker-punch, Vacuum-wave, 3 Weaknesses, Resistant to fighting, 100 in each stat so yes good offenses, Roost, Psychic, access to every Fire type TM, and Move tutor move.

Overall I would say Dragonite fits perfectly. I would like to point out that no Steel Type can be resistant to Fighting(Though Skarmory could use Roost to be a full Flying).

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