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I have some Pokemon that I think are Shiny in Red and Yellow. They might not have the sparkle, but they do have a different tinge to them (if that is the right word.) I have a Spearow and a Tangela.

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I don't know, id have to see them. I don't Believe there were shiny pokemon till gen. 2. Since pidgey is purplish in red, im guessing that they just coudnt get the colour right.

So they aren't shiny then? The coloring must just be weird.
I think so. Since they had very limited colors in red. By the way, isnt yellow AWESOME. All three starters rocks(im not a big pikachu fan though. I have yellow, myself. Ive beaten it 4 times.
How can you not like the Pikachu. I love the way it interacts with different things (like falling asleep by Jigglypuff and falling in love with that Clefairy.) Yellow was my first game.
Yellow was my second. Pikachu just isnt that strong(but your right, the way it interacts is incredibly funny stupid clefairy in the fan club, right!) LOL.