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Where can I catch Kyogre in Emerald?

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Go talk to the scientist in the weather institute, he will tell that there has been a drought on a route or there is heavy rains on a route. Obviously the one with Heavy rains is Kyogre. You will have to dive somewhere on that route and enter the Marine cave, there you will find Kyogre. But if you take to long he moves to another route. 105, 125, 127, 129 are the routes that Kyogre can be on. He is level 70 so be careful.

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bt again aftr i cmplete the game . where can i capture kyogre??
Dusk ball didn't exist in Emerald
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This should help you a lot......

You must beat the game(The Elite 4 and Champion) before going to the scientist(da weatherman :P)

P.S. The person in the above link used cheats,so don't be surprised at the 20 Masterballs.....
Also,try to catch it without cheating,it gives a warm and satisfactory feeling.You can catch it with an Ultra Ball.

P.P.S. The location of Marine Cave varies......I.e. It may be on Route 105,125,127 OR 127.

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