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Is there some way to calculate whether I run away successfully from wild Pokemon, or is there a random chance of your Pokemon running away? Because I need to know what calculations I need.

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im not sure but i think its just based on speed

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A=Speed of pokemon trying to run away.

B=Speed of opponent's pokemon, divided by four.

C=Number of times you tried to run away.

If your F value is over 255, then you will successfully run away; if it is 255 or less, then the game will generate a random number over the interval [0,255]. If the number is greater than F, then you escape. If not, then you "can't escape" and wasted a turn.

can it be a little simpler because im just a LITTLE confused
does that mean taht if your pokemon is faster than the other you WILL escape?
yes, theepicme.

that's why, having a shuckle in your team lead during the wild encounter is a bad idea.