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A Master Ball is something that can catch any sort of pokemon.
Even the rare and legendary.
Nothing could stop a pokemon from coming out of it.

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Any WILD Pokemon.  Don't go throwing it at another trainer, or they'll block it and you'll just waste it.

Normaly there's one in each game, but I know that in Diamond and Pearl (I don't know if it applies to HG+SS) the lottery 1st prize in the TV building can get you another one, but the ID number  has to match exactly to one of your Pokemon's.
yes,it is also the rarest pokeball in the game,so when you use it the only way you can get another is to get a action replay or somthing depending on the game
Do you mean the pokemon has no chance to escape instead of "Nothing can stop a pokemon from COMING OUT of it"
Capitals means emphasis not shouting
You do realize that this question was resolved over 5 years ago, right?
Do i care. Not particularly
Unfortunately we do care. I'm going to politely ask you not to necropolis like that in the future. We generally look down upon it. Thanks.
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It is a Poke Ball that can catch any wild Pokemon, even a legendary Pokemon, without a fail. There was however a glitch back in Gen 1 which made it possible of failing due to the Master Ball having a 1 in 256 chance of failing. It will also fail against unidentified ghosts (Gen 1/Gen 3 FrLg), Ghost Marowak (Gen 1/Gen 3 FrLg) and Ghestis' Kyurem (Black2/White2).

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The Master Ball is the poké-ball that never fail to catch a pokémon. On SS/HH, Prof. Elm give one to you.
But, if you want more, the only way I think it's possible to get them is by using Action Replay or trade pokémon in another game (like Pokémon Platium, for eg.) holding a Master-Ball.

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Catches wild Pokemon. NEVER fails.

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The master ball is the perfect purple pokeball, that never fails to catch a pokemon.

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