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What to look for in a Physical Sweeper, a Tanker, a Staller, a Wall, and a Special Sweeper stat wise?

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Sweepers need an attacking stat , (Atk or sp atk) and speed. They generally have low defenses.
Tanks need an attacking stat too, and sometimes speed, but usually it has one powerful defensive stat (defense and sp defense) so it can take hits.
Walls or stallers need high defenses and preferably decent hp so they can survive long.

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Hmmm good question. Well look at a pokemons stats and which one has the highest stat for that. For example gorebysses highest stats is defense. Make sure that that stat also grows the most and give it items to increase the chance of that stat being higher like macho brace. Then give it moves to increase that star. For gorebyss we'll give it iron defense and amnesia if you want a sppecial defense sweeper as well. Now give it moves that would effect it like ancient power which is a strong move (I don't think that gorebyss can learn that move but this is an example). Finally, give it one STAB move like surf. There you go and you have a wall. Use this for any pokemon but be careful, if it is a pokemon with stats spread out then it won't be a tank for anything.

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