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I know I'm going to have to breed to get it but apparently it takes an espeon that knows morning sun. But I think the espeon will have to be a level 71 to learn morning sun. that sounds like it will take forever considering none of my friends own an espeon and it will take a very long time to train one. Is there an easier way to get a rapidash that knows morning sun?

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I'll trade you my espeon

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No thats the only way rapidash can learn morning sun, unless it is already bred down to an growlithe or arcanine.

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That's wrong
seeing as we dont know what game he has he might not be able to get smeargle so yea
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a smearle will be a good one,you just have to find one in route 5.though its a swarm but its a little easy to find.
and another trainer with morning sun so you could sketch it.
and breed with your rapidash.

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