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I have a REALY strong Regigigas with awesome Attack power, 370 Attack.
Unfortunately he has the slow start ability, my way to get around this is:
Leftovers and Confuse Ray.
But this doesn`t always work...
Can any1 give me a good strategie to get around this?
My Regigigas:

Regigigas@ Leftovers
Crush Grip
Confuse Ray
Zen headbutt (for coverage).


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if your playing black or white-a pokemon with mummy can attack it with a weak attack to remove the ability.
in the 4th gen games you can use the following methods

  • use gastro acid on regigigas
  • use skill swap on it
  • use worry seed on it

the best one is worry seed since it doesnt have any negative effect.

I`m playing Platinum
Then than counts as a Gen 4 game, so Gastro Acid, Skill Swap, and Worry Seed are your options.
Thanks! but none of me pokemon (that i`m using) knows these moves...
and it would be better if you give me a strategie that Regigigas can aswel get around it faster or easyer in single battle!