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on budapedia they show all legendarie pkmn can you cath them in the game

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im pretty sure you can,but you can try for yourself!(i don't have the game)
^that is not a comment it's an answer!!!
As an answer, that would have been a VERY bad one. That would have been down-voted and flagged. He needs a for sure answer, giving specific information, preferably with a source.
As a comment, it's perfectly fine though. Keep workin' at it.

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I have the game and I finished it! So you can catch all Pokemon from every region!
Top 5 Pokemon with greatest power:

  1. Ho-Oh
  2. Palkia
  3. Reshiram
  4. Rayquaza
  5. Zekrom

Hope this helps!

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Can you get arceus?
Arceus IS available! But is the last one to catch!
Ok first of all you befreind them not catch them