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I have sceptile on emerald with high happiness, and on it confusion lasts a turn or 2; and it hardly hits itself in confusion.so my question:

is confusion dependent upon happiness for no.of turns,whether or not a pokemon hits itself?

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The confused condition causes a Pokémon to hurt itself in its confusion 50% of the time. The damage is done as if the Pokémon attacked itself with a 40-power typeless physical attack.

Confusion wears off after 1-4 attacking turns. This means that turns recharging, such as after using Hyper Beam, and turns unable to attack, such as from paralysis, will not lower the remaining number of turns of confusion. However, a sleeping Pokémon may hurt itself in confusion if using a move such as Snore or Sleep Talk.

so to your question the answer is no there isa 50% chance

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Depending on the game.
Pokemon fire red and leaf green have pokemon in which pokemon can never be hit by pokemon depending on how you treat them like preventing them from fainting or if you give them items. my Charizard was allways confused but it never hit itself since I started doing this. I think it works for Emerald also.