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My Darkrai knows Nasty Plot, and my Mewtwo Psych Up.
Psych Up copys the foe's stat changes, so my plan is to totally maximize Darkrai's Sp .Atk, and i use Psych Up on him.
Will mewtwo gain the extra stats in Sp. Atk or will it have the same Sp. Atk as Darkrai?

For example: my Darkrai has 315 Sp .Atk and i use Nasty Plot three time's (witch is 6 extra stats).
So that's a total of 321 Sp .Atk, well, if i use Psych Up on Darkrai, will mewtwo gain the extra 6 stats, or will he have the same Sp. Atk? (with is 321..)

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This would work.
And Mewtwo would get the +6, it would not copy Darkrai's SpA, it would raise it's own SpA with +6.

You're welcome :)