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Ok so I got the reshiram from the event and went to special dream world. I helped victini and got the c gear skin. But when I went to custimize, it wasn't there! Help!

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Who knows, it could be a bug on the site's part. I've been having issues off and on with PGL's DW function lately. =/
I'm having the same problem... will let you know if I find how to get it.

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OK I found how to get the C-Gear skin! After you've done the mini game and everything (as explained here) you need to go to Promotions first and there's a link for the Hero C-Gear.

Click that, the click Submit then OK. Then go to Customize and choose the Hero skin.

Do Game Sync in your game and you should get the new skin! If you already woke up your Reshiram then you might need to tuck a Pokemon in again to get the skin.

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Just give it a while, I did the same thing, and it wasnt avaible until the next day.

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Same problem here, probably just a glicth in the website or sumthang.