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am i the only one who cant use them. i just battled someone with all ubers which includes arceus, palkia, rayquaza, mewtwo, girentina, and shaymin. but when i use even a rotom it told me to change my legendaries. and my pokemon are legit too.

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Is your Rotom hacked?
Legit means valid, so not hacked. Their might be some pokemon that are restrained from using. But, other then that guess, I can't say for sure...
do they have nicknames? some games wont allow nicknames that could contain any offensive letter combinations that could be it.
none of my pokemon are hacked or have niknames

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That happened to me too! I onced fixed it. Have you beat story mode? I think you have to beat certain colloseums certain amount of times to unlock the use of certain legends.

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