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This goes for all champions.

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Yes If you battle Alder and you win then you will become the Unova Champion ;)
But If you go against Alder again and You Loose then yes Alder becomes the Champion again;)

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I'm not quite sure, but  think he means if you beat the champion once then you rematch them and they beat you, will they become champion.  Not sure.
Still either way if they beat you they will become the champion let me clarify.
Alrighty then. Have yuo notcied that Dr.Flame has the best questions?
I read that on one of your comments on one of his questions ;)
well actually you never actually become champion otherwise you will be siting at the end of the pokemon league waiting for trainers. becoming champion is more reserved for the anime. Beating alder in the game doesnt make you champion but earns you a spot in the hall of fame
You get a spot In the hall of fame,also you become the champion from what i know.But you will have to ask game freak when you beat the champion you don't sit at the end of the Pokemon league 0_0
I believe you do become Champion, but allow Alder to act in your place as you wish to explore and train more.
Thats what I think also like 0_0 why wouldn't you become the champion?
well if you let alder stay in place of the champion isnt he still technically the champion
we will be going back and fourth all day Kyron can we just forget about it?
yea :p i was just saying
Well, I personally think that you are told to train your Pokemon to fill the pokedex, just kidding, the proffesors tell you to go out and fill the Pokedex because they want you to fulfil their dream they never got to accomplish. If it isn't that I think you fill up the Pokedex for the proffesor while defeating the gym leaders and E-4 just to embarrass them by losing to a kid. I think that after you defeat them they pay you to not say anything about beating them and they just stay there. Well that's what I think.
everybody is about to post thier thoughts here
lol good point Kyron Post away People !
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If you lose again to a Champion, they don't technically become Champion again. You could probably say he has become Champoin again if you lose against him for the second (or up) battle. But, what you believe takes no effect to the game, so you could probably say yes and no both for their own reasons.

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