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Yes I know this was asked, but it was asked five years ago and the answer didn't have a source. I already saw that thread.

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In sword and shield I Think they all had 1
JackChar yeah
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None I have already completed the whole game and not one has a single heal except for heal moves so not gym leaders not your rival and not a battle npc and not the champion Leon.
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I moved this to a comment because I don't think anecdotal evidence proves anything in this context, and because it's asking for "each champion", not just Leon.

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So, I actually played SM and Sword again till gen 6 as it's already checked and used low power moves only on champion's Pokémon. I reconfirm that champion kukui uses 4 full restores and then in gen 8:

In sword and shield I Think they all had 1
commented Dec 11, 2020 by JackChar.

Yes, Leon uses only 1 full restore as multiple times his Pokemon were in red health but he used full restore only once.
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Source: As I said, the games I replayed.
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