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I transfered some Pokemon from SS to White, one DS with no Wireless Communication. I forgot my PIN, and I know I transferred Pokemon. Could someone help me get an idea of what I did if you can?

you need to explain better. What do you need a pin for. All thats needed for transfering is two ds and a gen 4 game and a gen 5 game
And don't you need two DS systems with one Game Card in each to work PokeTransfer?
Pin for what?

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The systems do not need Wi fi connection in order to transfer. All it takes is the built in Wireless connectivity that comes in every D.S. system so there are no D.S. with no Wireless so I am assuming you meant Wi Fi. I assume the Pin you forgot is your computer connection pin that you can use to hook up your wi fi that is not important for transfer. The Poke-transfer uses the built in wireless to connect all you need to do is have them fairly close together. If there is something else you need to know please comment.

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You see, the PIN is to let me turn the wireless ON, and it's not my DS
That makes no sense, is this parental control Pin? Otherwise this makes no sense what so ever. Please clarify.