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Some say they will be new forms, some say they will be new Pokemon and some even say they'll be Reshiram/Zekrom's replacement. Does anyone know the truth? Or has it not been revealed yet?

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When you catch Zekrom/Reshiram you will then be able to catch Kyurem, both will be at level 70. When Kyurem is caught it will leave behind an item called DNA Splicers.

Then to get White or Black Kyurem you have to fuse the two dragons - but they can be separated at any time.

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When uberjackel97 says DNA Link he means the DNA Splinters.
You got is wrong too :P
They are the DNA Splicers ;)
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It hasn't been revealed yet. But there certainly is a good chance of that happening.
EDIT: It doesn't. You capture Zekrom/Reshiram ingame and fuse with Kyurem.

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Actually, you can't trade black or white kyurem to pokemon black or white.It's the same for the resolution form of keledo.Not sure for weather trio therian forms.
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Actually it is true that zekrom and reshiram will be in a new form, zekrom combined with kyurem and reshiram combined kyurem, that's the whole point of the game. I know this because my cuz works at the Pokemon company

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ask your cousin for info on gen 6 bribe him even
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There will be a new generation of Pokemon. And the game that is hosting that is Pokemon X And Pokemon Y. The Main Legendaries are Xereneas And Yvelta. The Region is still unknown to me. The starting Pokemon are named chespin, fennekin, and froakie
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No, they won't replace reshiram or zekrom. Somewhere in the game you can catch reshiram/zekrom in the game. They will be found at the dragon spiral tower. You need them to make black or white kyurem

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