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Hey guys, I really want a Manaphy, but I dont know how to get one. I have Pokemon black, and I know that it has to migrate, but where do I migrate it from? And how do I get it in the first place? Was it mystery gift only? Where can I see it in my Pokedex I can ask for it on GTS? Please help me.

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Well for starters u can only get Manaphy if u have Pokemon Rangers Guardians Signs.

And when u have it u have to download the Manaphy mission to get it, SORRY but u can't get Manaphy anymore because u had to download it in 2010.

Hope this helps =P


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If you have Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, you have to have gotten the event on one of those games. Then you would migrate. Also, with looking it up on the GTS, you have to have seen or owned one for it to be in your Pokedex. If you haven't owned one or seen one in an in-game battle (not wifi), then it won't be in your Pokedex, and therefore you can't search it on the GTS. If you didn't get the event though, then try Shocking Pichu's way.