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HEY can a get a list of some sturdy "leads". You know, a Pokemon that can set entry hazards and not be 1HKOed by infamous sweepers like Infernape or set up on by freaking Dragonite. These things decimate my team when given the chance. •_•


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Well im back from my holiday so im gona answer this. :D
Well first off the lead you use all depends on the tier your using but my three favorite spikers in OU are the three that are most used.

1. Skarmory- Can learn spikes and stealth rock but unfortunally can not learn toxic spikes.
It has great def and decent hp and spdef making a good wall and even better paired with leftovers.
It also has access to two great moves, brave bird and whirlwind.
whirlwind goes great with good def and entery hazards set up where as brave bird is high powered stab to do damage before it feints plus to avoid taunt.
I also like to use the move night slash on it because of the new ability magic bounce which bounces back entery hazards but both (espeon and xatu) are psychic there for weak to dark type moves.
But the best thing is it can have the ability... you guessed it sturdy.

2.Forretress- Ill mention first that it can have sturdy as well as learn all 3 entery hazards which will destroy the foe (3 layers of spikes=25% of health, 2 layers of toxic spikes=badly poisons foe and the added stealth rock damage).
It has good typing but a 4x weakness to fire which is where the sturdy comes in when you are faced with infernape.
It has low speed which is not needed but can be good if you are using gyro ball.
It has one major downside though, terrible spdef and not so great hp lucky it has a base 140def and a typing that walls most special moves.
Some other usefull moves are explosion, volt switch and earthquake.
Like most hazard setters, it works great with the leftovers and also works great in a sandstorm only it skarmory and ferrothorn (ferrothorn -which wouldnt be my choice of a hazard setter) can do this well.

3.Tentacruel- Ok so it doesnt have sturdy but is a good special wall with decent bulk and access to both spikes and toxic spikes.
As i said this pokemon has bulk and can take a hits despite its not so good def so its a good idea to ivest evs into hp and def.
Works great in rain as its stab hydro pump will get another boost due to rain making its power 200% which is the same as a super effective hit when attacking a pokemon which takes it normally as a neutral hit.
It also has the ability rain dish so in the rain you will get more hp recovery each turn which pairs great once again with leftovers.
It can also work well in a hail team and your average no weather team.

4.Deoxys-D- My favorite wall and is beast in uu.
Ill do this quik, It is a great wall with decent hp and a base 160 def and spdef with a typing where only two moves are super effective on it, both of which are not seen so often.
No neutral hit unless with boosts will ko him it will take at least 3 neutral hits to ko it.
When i used it it managed to take 4 stone edges from a cobalion.
Mine in uu was never OHKOd which is pretty good.
Has access to spikes and stealth rock.
Also recover and secmis toss, this could be your perfect pokemon seen as it resists most sweepers and slowly weakens them with sescimis toss which will take off hp to the amount of the opponents lv which is usually lv100.

5.Deoxys-S- This guy has all round good stats and bulk with the same options as its brother def form just this one has sweeping capability and is one of the only pokemon in uber excluding ferrothorn and forretress that can learn spikes.

If you need any more just say.

And dont forget...

6.Smergle- with focus sash can use sleep powder on the foe then use the entery hazards.
It can learn any move.

Don't use Sleep Powder use Spore because it has 100% accuracy, and Sleep Powder has 75% accuracy
* thanks that's what I ment to say :) but I haven't played in a while so sleep powder was first to come to mind ;)