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I need to know in case I have to purchase a 3DS.

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No, the new pokemon games being released, Pokemon Black and White 2, and Pokemon Conquest will be compatible. However, having a DSi, DSiXL, or 3DS will allow the game to have special features like camera functions, wi-fi connection and so on like Pokemon Black did with the XTransceiver.

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o i didnt know thanks i have a dsixl so
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You mean Pokemon White/Black 2 no that will be a DS game,OK.

Or do you mean Pokemon Conquest that will be a DS game too.

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THAnk you so much !!!!!!
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Nope, they are ds exclusives, however, the two games (black and white 2) can still run on a 3DS. But you don't need to buy a 3DS to play either one, they are perfectly compatible with the system they are designed for. (The nintendo DS)

thanks for the info it helped a lot. I saved about $240 cuz id make the mistake of buying a 3ds just for that game!