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The question says it all.


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The previous answer is wrong.

In Generation 3 and 4, King's Rock boosts the flinch rate of moves that have less flinch chance than 10%.

Generations III and IV
Grants the moves listed below a 10% chance of causing each target to flinch. This chance is not affected by Serene Grace.

So, therefore Air Slash isn't boosted by King's Rock so is Serene Grace. Prior to Generation 5, moves that already have a flinch rate aren't boosted.

Generation V onward
Grants all attacking moves that do not already have a chance to flinch a 10% chance of causing each target to flinch.

Hence, the chance of flinching is 30 x 2 = 60%, and not boosted by King's Rock.

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Air Slash = AS/ 30% Flinch Rate

Serene Grace = SC/ *Doubles (2)** added effects

King's Rock = KC/ 10% boost

Flich Rate = FR

(AS x SC) x KC= FR

(30 x 2)= 60 (Air Slash with the Serene Grace boost)
60 x .10 = 6 (King's Rock boost)
60 + 6 = 66 (Air Slash with the Serene Grace boost + King's Rock boost)

New Flinch Rate is 66%


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What if Togekiss is holding a Razor Fang? Wouldn't that be 1.02% higher?
King's Rock doesn't effect already flinching moves.
I tot it was 64%?