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What is the percentage for flinching if Togekiss used Air Slash with the ability Scenery Grace with a King's Rock?

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The question says it all.

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Air Slash = AS/ 30% Flinch Rate

Serene Grace = SC/ *Doubles (2)** added effects

King's Rock = KC/ 10% boost

Flich Rate = FR

(AS x SC) x KC= FR

(30 x 2)= 60 (Air Slash with the Serene Grace boost)
60 x .10 = 6 (King's Rock boost)
60 + 6 = 66 (Air Slash with the Serene Grace boost + King's Rock boost)

New Flinch Rate is 66%


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What if Togekiss is holding a Razor Fang? Wouldn't that be 1.02% higher?
King's Rock doesn't effect already flinching moves.
I tot it was 64%?