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Ok,heres my Emboar's moves:
Fire Blast/

Duh,I'm focusing on forgetting Earthquake or Fire Blast to make room for the ultimate move Blast Burn.Earthquake will extend my Emboar's type range making him have a good chance of defeating multi-type opponents,but Fire Blast is pretty powerful.Which should I forget?

Just saying, that moveset sucks. I say
•Flare Blitz/Heat Crash
•Brick Break/Assurance

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Seeing as this is likely an ingame set, I would suggest removing Return and Fire Blast. Heat Crash is a much better move ingame for Emboar, as it does good damage and goes off of Emboar's better Attack stat, as well as having a workable PP, a good thing for ingame.

Return is not needed due to your already having Strength. Return is the more powerful attack, however Strength is needed as an HM. So you don't have such similar coverage, you should get rid of Return. Instead, give your Emboar Brick Break or Low Sweep. Brick Break is more powerful yet Low Sweep can get your foe in the Speed range needed for you to hit first. Emboar is bulky enough to take a hit ingame, especially if you are overleveled, so Low Sweep would be a good option since Emboar is still slow (just by a bit) for ingame.

While the coverage of having Ground and Fighting repeats itself in most cases, Earthquake should still stay for those Poison type foes or anything else that hurts more from Ground (such as E4 Metagross) than Fighting. It is also incredibly useful for Double and Triple Battles.

You do not want the move Blast Burn on Emboar. For one thing it has that awful recharge the turn after use. For another it is a Special attack, and as said before Emboar is a physical Pokemon. Low PP and not 100% accuracy seal the deal and make Heat Crash the better choice for a Fire type attack.

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Actually, that moveset is horrible (no offense). Here is a better one:
Emboar (M) @ Choice Band

Trait: Blaze

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

Flare Blitz
Head Smash
Wild Charge
Hammer Arm

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pika power did u draw that picture 4 ur gravitar
maybe ;)
no this moveset is horrible ill kill emboar with recoil until i kill my enemie
The moveset Pika Power put is widely considered the best competitive moveset for Emboar, at least with Reckless as the ability.
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To my experience, i would actually go and delete return and teach it BLAST BURN. blast burn has a incredible 150 base power + STAB will equal about 170-180 power. forget peoples opinions on the recharge as VERY FEW people would use it on water types dude. blast burn is a wrecker that i believe will take about 60% of all pokemon out in 1 hit. after that you can switch emboar out!


There are a few problems with Blast Burn's recharge.

1. It can only attack once in two turns. You can do more damage using a move of more than base 75 power twice in those two turns. Two Flamethrowers would hit harder than one Blast Burn.
2. Sure, nobody is going to use it on a Water type and give it the chance to then strike back. But the problem is that it allows the foe to have a turn to do whatever they want without fear of retaliation. So they can easily switch out or set up with a stat booster. Not so much important for ingame, but for competitive this is a huge problem.

Then of course there is the problem of Emboar using Blast Burn, seeing as it has a better Attack stat.

Other problems with Blast Burn ingame are the low PP and less than perfect accuracy.

Then there are some things I should point out about your answer. First is that the base power would be 225 with STAB. STAB is a 1.5X boost. And second is that Blast Burn will not take out 60% of all Pokemon. At least if you are talking about Pokemon on an equal level to it. If you are talking about the Pidoves and Patrats, then sure, Blast Burn OHKOs them. Then again, so does Tackle...
but when they switch out emboar would have recovered!
I meant switch out to a Pokemon that can easily counter Emboar but wouldn't have been able to switch in on one of its attacks, a revenge-killer. And the "foe can switch out thing" was one of only a number of flaws I pointed out about it.

There are few times when using a 150 base power recharge is acceptable. Emboar is not one of those times.

The acceptable times are:

-Slaking with Giga Impact. Due to the Truant, you aren't wasting a turn and are doing a lot of damage with 150 base power, STAB, an excellent attacking stat, and probably a Life Orb or some other booster. Even then, Slaking like Return in order to switch out.
-Porygon-Z with Hyper Beam. Porygon-Z hits incredibly hard with it thanks to a high Special Attack and Adaptability. Tri-Attack is still better though.
-Keldeo with Hyper Beam. Only with a Choice set. Keldeo has such a poor movepool that not much is available to it when Scarfed or Speced. Still, it doesn't add much and can cause some problems due to those flaws I mentioned in number 2 for the Emboar thing. I use Focus Blast myself. It might already have solid Fighting STAB, but that hits the Defense stat. When facing a Steel type, I need to hit for Special. So Focus Blast is the way to go there.
-Any Pokemon who can learn Hyper Beam in Gen I. Hyper Beam had different mechanics in Gen I. These made it not only usable but incredibly awesome.

It is kind of a tradition on this site to teach users the flaws of the recharge attacks. It brings them one step closer to becoming better battlers.

Oh, and if anybody else has any good examples of when to use recharge attacks on a Pokemon, let me know! :D
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i say fire blast and make it learn blast burn since there both the same type. plus the acc is better and the power too. hope it helps.

also you can get a ditto and make an egg and have two
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Well if you are getting a fire type move i would suggest fire blast.....But i think you should personally get rid of strength since you have return and give emboar hammer arm or brick break IMO. All in all keep EarthQuake

well no matter what my emboar cant forget strength
accualy you can if you take it to the move deleter
if he can learn blast burn he can forget strength go to the move deleter in icuris(or the with the flying gym) to make pokemon forget hms
mistralton city