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When i looked through my bad it wasnt there! I know you cant tell me what happened to it but i can probably narrow it down if you can answers these questions:

1.Can you sell the red scale?
2.Where in the bag is it located?(i may have checked the wrong pouch)
3.If you can sell it and you accidentally did where could you get another if possible?

Please i need it so i can get the orb from mr.pokemon


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1) It cannot be sold

2) It is located in the Key Items pouch

3) No, due to the 1st question.

okay and dont you get it automatically after catching or fainting the red gyrados
Yeah, Gyarados can hold it as well I think.
any gyarados or just that red one
The Red one.
okay ill go check
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Do you have exp.share?
If you have it, that means you already traded that with red scale from Mr.Pokemon

To get the orb, you have to talk to Mr.Pokemon after defeating Red

YEAH kaangmin7 is right. THat is the only possible explination.