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In my team I have a ninjask as a baton passer, so I start with ninjask, after I boost up with swords dance and speed boost I switch to aggron, who is holding a choice band, then I just go to town with head smash. would that be an effective strategy if everything went smoothly?

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Here is a better one (I think Ninjask is banned just because of this in UU,OU battles )
Start of with Ninjask then substitute then Swords Dance,Double Team till your substitute breaks then do that once more then Baton Pass into Aggron but it will be a miracle if u somehow manage to pull this of(as most of the people know about this )but if you do you will be able to set up a Aggron sweep,even if your opponent pulls of one move(one really lucky guy) you will live the hit(most probably) :)

Happy Aggron Sweeping

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Your strategy is OK, but ninjask is appropriate to attack quickly, instead of being a booster. I'm sure that it can't live more than 2 turns with its low hp. Anyway, in my country, many people use the same strategy with you. Their ninjasks have "double team", so the stragety is improved.

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My ninjask has substitute to prolong it's lifespan, but double team could work as well. and what country is "my country" if you don't mind my asking.