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Except for Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, because it isn't really your dad because my dad's name isn't Norman. Why don't they add a sibling or a father in the game? Is it based on the anime? 0_o


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In Gen1, there is a rumor that there was a war.
That's why Red's dad died and doesn't exist in the game.
Also, Green/Blue's parents died also, and Professor Oak adopted him.
Lt.Surge says "My pokemon helped me in the war(or something like that), also
I'm sorry if your childhood is now ruined, but remember, it's just a rumor.

The other theory is that their dad left a journey, so the main characters wants to be like their father, also leaving for a journey

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The Generation 1 games are heavily influenced by Satoshi Tajiri's childhood. During that time period, as well as for the most part nowadays, the father of the modern Japanese family is seldom at home. Men in Japan either live close to, or spend most of their time at their jobs, while the women raise the children and live at home. It is regarded that an absent father is a sign of a successful business man. More than likely the player's parent does not live at home or spends most of their time away, leaving only a mother to have the most influence at home.

Some even work themselves to death, which could also be the case. There is an entire movement dedicated to Japanese families that have lost their husbands/fathers to something called Karōshi, meaning "Death from Overwork". It is unfortunately common.