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Ok, So Why Is Electric able to do damage on rock
And Not Ground.


[1]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/emerald/shiny/animated/172.gif

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Why do you need this to be answered??

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Because Game Freak wanted to. :P
I think because electric is able to crack open a rock. Ground just absorbs the shock.
Just my theory.
Hope This helped :D

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good question i belive the reason is that most rock type also have a different type (For example tyranitar is rock and dark) so instead of making all them so complicated they decided to just make it like that... and this is just a theroy so plz no negitive comments

Tyranitar is a ground and dark type.
TRUE! dude... tyranitar is a ground +dark type!
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Well, in life electric can break rocks into pieces.
(credit to dr.flame for that)
In life then electricity can build up in ground and shoot out proving the answer.