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bug rock ground grass
bug rock ground fighting

pokemon requirements
-higher than 450 total stat
-good physical attack/special attack
-decent-high or high speed

move requirements
-must be attack moves
-must have good power(same or more than 70)
-must have reliable accuracy(no lower than 70%)

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Rock ice ground fight is super effective on 505 pokemon
Neutral on 158, 0 Not very effective and same goes for 0 no effect.
Source: our type coverage checker.
For the second part loads of pokemon can such as mew or regirock, Use this.
Some others are machamp(-close combat-earthquake-ice punch-stone edge), hitmontop(similar to machamp), regigigas(brick break-ice punch-stone edge-earthquake), palkia, dialga.
Most pokemon can and if a pokemon misses a move there is hidden power to cover up for it.
Im not naming more it would take many years.

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Machamp is nice :)