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One more requirement! After that, my team is done! I don't do EVs, so don't add them. Movesets and Natures I need. Hopefully a moving sprite. Here they are!

Can outspeed a Volcarona
Awesome Attack
Decent Defense
Decent Sp Attack
Awesome Sp Defense
You know Speed

These Pokemon cannot be suggested:
Gengar, Lapras, Lucario, Gliscor, and Skarmory

EDIT: This must be Gen V

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dfgfd Staraptor (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Reckless
Jolly Nature
EVs: 252 Spe / 252 atk / 4 HP

•Brave Bird:STAB,boosted by Reckless
•Double-Edge:Same as Brave Bird
•Close Combat:Coverage

It Only Doesn't have The Awesome Sp.Def and could Beat Volcarona Anyday. Though it Isn't Gen V

Eh, what the heck. I've got nothing to lose:

>Braviary (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 116 HP / 252 Atk / 140 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Crush Claw
- Rock Slide
- Brave Bird
- Tailwind

hope this helps! :D

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volcarona has 100speed, which is same as staraptor and higher than braviary
and they both have low sp.def
HELLO? Tailwind helps your WHOLE TEAM
Close combat hurts, final gambit would meen you killing yourself.
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I think Garchomp would be a good choice.

Garchomp can outspeed Volcarona with base speed of 103(although it isn't much higher than Volcarona's), it is a really awesome physical sweeper, it has decent defensive stats just like you asked, though not exactly awesome Sp.defence, and can take down Volcarona anyday.

Garchomp (M)
Item Attached: Yache Berry / Haban Berry / Life Orb
Ability: Sand Veil / Rough Skin
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -Satk)

-Swords Dance
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Fire Blast / Fire Fang

If that wasn't enough then click this link:

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Hey :)

While Staraptor, Braviary and Garchomp are definitely a good choice of Pokemon, there are a few flaws.

As ThePika mentioned, while Staraptor does have a very decent Speed and Sp. Atk. , it is sorely lacking in all it's defensive skills. Unless Volcarona is OHKO'd (unlikely, even with Brave Bird) , it's almost guaranteed that Staraptor will be taken out in the next move. (For example, Volcarona with Wild Charge = Staraptor Steak.)

Again waith Braviary, it's got decent HP and Attack (which could be very potent with Brave Bird and Rock Slide (remember : Volcarona has a 4x weakness to Rock!), but it's slow. It's defenses might not be able to hold against a Fire Blast or Wild Charge.

Garchomp is another brilliant idea. It's got very good Attack, decent HP, and above average defenses. Above all, it can outspeed a Volcarona with a Hasty nature. DeadlyHaxorus29 has provided an ideal moveset as well. Ideally, Rock Slide should easily be able to 2HKO a Volcarona, if not OHKO it.

My suggestions :



Adamant (+Atk., -Sp.Atk.) / Lonely (+Atk., -Def.) / Careful (+Sp. Def, -Sp. Atk.

Item Held

Leichi Berry / Razor Fang / Wide Lens


=> Rock Slide (Wide Lens for accuracy, Razor Fang for +10% or so flinch chance). /

Smack Down. I know it seems strange, but it's for those pesky Bouncers and Fly users. If Volcarona uses Magnet Rise, this can be useful.(Rock Tomb can also be used to reduce Volcarona's Speed.)

=> Earthquake/ Earth Power. An obvious choice. Can be used after Smack Down for Flying types.

=>Aerial Ace / Fly. STAB.

=> Dragon Claw / Crunch for overall coverage.


Aerodactyl is a great Flinch Sweeper with very high speed, good Attack, decent defenses, and a wide coverage.


Adamant. (+Atk., - Sp. Atk.)

Item Held

King's Rock. (Extra flinch chance)


=> Thunder Fang. (flinch+ PAR chance)
=> Fire Fang. (flinch+ BRN chance)
=> Ice Fang. (flinch +FRZ chance)
=> Rock Slide. (Flinch chance)


Lugia is the ideal Pokemon to obliterate something like Volcarona. It suits every single one of your requirements, apart from the fact that it is not native to Gen V.

Lugia can outspeed Volcarona. It has 10 extra base speed.
It has slightly above-average attack and special attack.
It has extremely strong defenses. (Max. 394 Def., Max. 447 Sp. Def.)

Also, it can learn several moves that can annihilate a Volcarona with ease.


Adamant (+Atk., -Sp. Atk.) / Lonely (+Atk., -Def.) / Calm (+Sp. Def., - Atk.)

Item Held

Tanga Berry. Weakens super-effective bug-type moves. Volcarona is sure to land a Bug Buzz if it doesn't die quickly.

Enigma Berry. Restores HP if hit by a super-effective move.


=> Aqua Tail / Surf / Waterfall / Hydro Pump. These aren't specifically against Volcarona, my Lugia has always had a water move for general coverage.

=> Aeroblast / Sky Attack. Volcarona is weak against Flying type moves, and aeroblast is Lugia's special move, apart from it getting STAB. Lugia can easily survive a Bug Buzz with the Tanga berry to use Sky Attack.

=> Iron Head. Taught by the Move Tutor. Smashes both Ice and Rock types. (That, and it's a pretty crazy move. :P )

= > Earthquake / Recover / Psychic / Extrasensory / Shadow Ball / Signal Beam / Ice Beam.

Sorry for such a wide choice in the last move, but the only reason I've done that is because Lugia can be strong with any of those moves. Earthquake is a favourite, and with good coverage, Recover if you're a defensive sweeper, Psychic and E-sensory for STAB, Shadow Ball against Ghost Types, Signal Beam against Dark types, and Ice Beam for the heck of it.

Well. That's it. :) Sorry for the long answer, and good luck with this!

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Volcarona has low defense, Brave-bird will most likely kill it. Also Wild charge is a terrible move for Volcarona as Volcarona has very low Attack. Rock slide will ALWAYS OHKO Volcarona. WHY have Smack down to ground Volcarona when Rock-slide kills it in one hit? Aerial ace is too weak, and Earth-power is not good for this set because it is mostly a physical set. Aerodactyl should have Earthquake in there somewhere. And Lugia is in the Uber tier. Sorry but you definitely need to study Pokemon some more.
Lugia and Aerodactyl are not Gen V, And Lugia is legendary. Competatively, He can only be used in Uber. Aerodactyl & Archeops for awesome Sp.Defense. They are not awesome, they are abyssmal.
Archeops is pretty much the worst pokemon with its ability too
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Staraptor and Garchomp are not Gen V and Braviary is Gen V, but he is actually SLOWER Than Volcarona (Braviary's 80 compared to Volcarona's 100) and his SpDef is not the best.
My choice for you..... Virizion

His highest Stats are SpDef(129 to Volcarona's 105) and Speed(108 to Volcarona's 100). His attack is 90, which is not awesome, but you can either give him a Choice Band or teach him Swords Dance.

Virizion - S
S-Dancer (Virizion) @ Life Orb or Muscle Band (30% boost with recoil or 10% without recoil)
Trait: Justified
EVs: 160 Atk / 60 Def / 36 SDef / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

  • Swords Dance
  • Leaf Blade
  • Close Combat/ Sacred Sword
  • X-Scissor/ Stone Edge

Virizion - N
Bandizion (Virizion) @ Choice Band (50% boost)
Trait: Justified
EVs: 240 Atk / 52 Def / 216 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

  • Close Combat
  • Leaf Blade
  • Stone Edge
  • X-Scissor
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why not terrakion? while virizion has good sp.defense, it's weak to fire and I think terrakion would be a better choice. Good answer though!
what's with the


it's like your sig, or is it?
@Swaggron: yes terrakion is good, but he wanted a Pokemon with awesome SpDef, and that is Virizion. Terrakion is only 90. By the way, what about his weakness to Fire??

@T-Rex: yes it is my sig, only bigger then before.
Tailwind Brings up Speed for the whole team so...
and for Staraptor he has 328 HP with the nature and EVs so if Volcaron had a Timid nature with 252 Spe EVS it would be a 50% chance for it to go first
Virizion is faster than both. There is no 50% to worry about.