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I don't get it. Blissey has HORRIBLE physical attack, so really... Why use ST on Blissey? But still a ton of ppl use it on Blissey. What is the point of having it on her?

Also, I have a Blissey with a timid nature and serene grace ability so what's a good moveset for mine? (I know there's alreadya Blissey moveset thing on here but I need a really good, strategic moveset...)
Also, Imma keep Charge Beam on her just 'cuz it always raises her sp. atk AND takes off some good HP.
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Seismic toss is great on Blissey as it does damage equal to the opponents lv.
So in competative batteling it will do 100 damage, no more no less it is a set damage.
Which slowly eats away at there hp, add to that toxic and you have great stalling.
One other move you could use is flamethrower which gives great coverage and will kill them pesky bug/steel types like ferrotorn.

Ferrothorn is Grass/Steel
In blob's defense, grass/steel is equally pesky.