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In addition to my question about Rotom's special move, I have mow forme and if you change Rotom's forme, in this case the special move would be Leaf Storm, would you lose the move you HAD to learn to get mow forme without forgetting it. If this is confusing, look at the moveset:
Leaf Storm
Thunder Bolt

Would you still have Leaf Storm in the moveset even though you change forme and get another special move, Overheat.


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Yes, he will lose his special move.

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OK, I am sooooooooooooo confused but here I go.
Each time you change rotom's form it gets a special move. Since it has two special moves when you change it's form it will forget the special move of the form it is in. If it is in the mow form when you change it's form it will forhet leaf storm.

Hopefully I said this correctly.
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