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I really want a Snivy, but my starter Pokemon is Oshowott. In pokemon Black & White, Ash managed to catch a Snivy IN THE WILD!!!! Is there any way that that would happen in the game?

I can give you a snivy
You forgot, Cilan said snivy abandoned it's trainer... There is no trainer with snivy unless your saying about cheren............ Find someone to trade their snivy for something rare like pikachu, If they accept your in luck if they don't... ask them to breed for a snivy. Hope I helped ;) answers take too much approval... breeding is the best way... Also this is how I got snivy in my pokedex in black2 I named it leafysnake.
Pikachu can be found in previous games use poketransfer after defeating the game, remember snivy NEVER abondones NPCs source:experience

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No, you cannot catch starters in the wild without hacking. Unfortunately the only way to get snivy is to trade or restart your game and choose it as your starter.

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you forgot to mention someone can breed it for you xD
I'm sure this was glithched but I had a snivy/servine on black and I went to route 4 walked into the wild sand and saw a tepig but my game froze