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It has three small objects on its sides and back that look like Nosepass; they are called "Mini-Noses" by the Pokédex. These "Mini-Noses" can detach to form new Nosepass. It also has a big hat-like magnet on top of its head.

They are located on its:

  • Right Side of its Body.
  • The Left Side of its Body.
  • On the Back of his body.


I love Weird things ¯(°_o)/¯

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i thought those were arms...and a tail
Thats so weird!
then how the hell does it learn the elemental punches?Using its nose i gueess.LOL
mini noses! and tail
Is it just me or those noses look like ducks... o.O
That's totally you :3
im actually seeing ducks too