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If you're up in the air, possibly using Fly, if you forget Fly in this case will it still be used as Fly in the connecting turn?
You're using Fly, and you are currently up in the air, if you level up somehow and you forget Fly, will you still hit the opponent coming down?

If the same thing is for Sky Drop then just say so.

It's also possible in singles if the foe faints from Burn or Toxic etc. while youhad Slamence/Rayquaza in the air.
Can you support that Salamence/ Rayquaza forgetting Fly thing??
A good question. Gets my vote.
I want to try it but by reading the 1st comment that only Salamence and Rayquaza can forget Fly w/o move deleter made me stopped. Although all I know is Hms can't be forgotten except by move deleters.
NOTE: this applies to all two-turn moves.

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HM moves CAN'T be deleted without a move deleter. Therefore the move cant be forgotten during a battle so your question is just impossible, it CAN'T happen. Also Rayquaza and Salamence may learn fly without the use of the HM but that doesnt make them special in the fact that they need a move deleter to forget fly. As for Sky Drop i believe it wont allow you to delete it because it is in use.