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I know that Dawn started out at the age of 10, and I'm pretty sure it was the same for Ash, but it's been years since Ash started out and he still looks around 10. So how old is he really?


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I know the truth is daunting, but he is actually 10.
He is timeless to make the show last longer. Its weird; and you could get technical, and if you do, he's in his mid-20's.

Source: It was announced in the first episode in Unova Adventure.

Hope this helps! (>^-^<)

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really? interesting.... good answer, though
And each episode takes place usually in a day's time. So if thats how you'd wish to get technical, he's 13-15 years old. If you go by season, this its mid-20's.
Strange thing is, in the Pikachu and Pichu thing, they were celebrating the day that Ash and Pikachu met, which meant he had to be about 11, but in the opening of Black and White it said he was 10 years old...
Thanks! I was just curious, but that was a pretty good answer!
It's weird he's ALWAYS 10 yrs. old. They could've put his age at 11-13 at least...  oh well!    :p
LOL. To think that Ash is in his mid twenties is more daunting than the fact he's ten to me. Well, that's probably because I had my tenth birthday last year... LOL.
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He might be 13 years as he had more than 5 adventure series